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Bryant W. Holt, a product of the American Civil Rights movement, values of the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Without these foundational documents, the American people’s existence would be precarious and unstable. Working in numerous business sectors and leading teams throughout North America, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Brazil made him see how fractured America is compared to other nations. That was the turning point at which he began to reassess his political ideas and draft his manifesto to alter the narrative of Black people’s role in America.

Bryant is hopeful his book, African American Reparations, will address the nation’s polarization and contribute to the resolution of problems. The objective is to promote a national dialogue and collect comments from the American people that could lead to reparations for the descendants of enslaved people. His efforts will assist in resolving the reparations conundrum in a constructive and productive manner so that the African American Reparations Act of 2030 can be enacted, effectively closing the chapter on slavery in the nation’s history.


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African American Reparations

African American Reparations is a series of white papers intended to present an argument that warrants a response from the American people and, more significantly, to allow the American people to weigh in on how the country should proceed. It provides a detailed plan for establishing a constitutional law and enacting reparations as a congressional act.

Despite the end of the American Slave Period, descendants of enslaved Africans continue to be one of the most marginalized and underrepresented populations in the United States, ranking last in terms of wealth and education. Even today, most black inhabitants reside in metropolitan settings where land and properties are mainly owned by other groups. This book introduces the African American Reparations Act of 2030. Who will receive the restitution? How will it become law and then be implemented? African American Reparations expertly addresses these issues, offering solutions to achieving consensus within the U.S. government by engaging the American people in a national dialogue.

The book is appropriate for all Americans who seek to solve inequalities between communities of color and poor whites. It will raise the awareness of the American people by encouraging open and frank debates about the effects of slavery and centuries of racial discrimination against African Americans.

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